Ballet Belt Elasticated




  • Roch Valley Elastic Belt
  • A wide variety of colours to match with your ballet leotards
  • Perfect for classes or as part of your examination uniform
This  elastic belt from Roch Valley. Helping to define the waist, this elastic belt helps the dancer to create a dramatic profile, highlighting shape and movement. Available in a rainbow of colours, the  belt can complement a range of dance outfits, leotards, and examination wear.







Regulation stretch elastic waistband


Black, navy, white, pale pink, pale blue, ISTD sky blue, plum, mulberry, lavender, lilac, red, aquamarine, teal

Additional information


Aquamarine, ISTD sky blue, Lavender, Lilac, Mulberry, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Plum, Red, Teal, White, Black, Navy Blue