Pointe Shoe Fitting

As an Independent Dancewear store we are able to select shoes from the best manufacturers and are proud to be authorized suppliers of these brands.  We continuously research the leading brands to assure we have the best range available and are currently fitting dancers with pointe shoes and demi-pointe from Grishko, Freed of London, Capezio, Bloch and Merlet and RC (Russian Class) – this varied range enables us to find the perfect fit depending on the ability of the dancer from beginner to professional. It is important to remember that we stock a full range of sizes – both width and length in all the shoes we hold so you will have to the opportunity to try all styles.

Our staff are professionally trained and will take time to ensure that you are comfortable with all aspects of your shoes and the relevant accessories and training materials available to you.

Can I Have Pointe Shoes Please?

The question on every girl’s lips…. however the time to make this progression will be strictly monitored by your dance teacher and may not be relevant to age but more dependent on strength and ability.  It is imperative that students are ready to make this advance.  We trust that students that contact us for a fitting will have had the authorization of their tutor; however during the fitting, if we have any reason to suspect this is not the case then the fitting will not be completed until after consultation with the dance teacher. Going onto Pointe too early can cause considerable damage to underdeveloped feet.

When Can I Come for My Pointe Shoes?

We do not rush fittings and therefore ask that you contact us to arrange a mutual appointment.

Group fittings and school visits can also be catered for.

Call: 01843 848443
Email: michelle@premierdancewear.co.uk.  Or you can use our appointment booking form here

Preparation for the Appointment

Please wear something that is loose and comfortable with convertible tights or ballet socks. Please trim or file your toenails neatly, we will need to look at your bare feet.  If this is not your first pair of shoes please bring along your most recent pair as well as any padding, ouch pouches etc. that you may use.

Preparation of your New Pointe Shoes

Sewing ribbons:

  1. Cut the piece of ribbon we give you into two pieces, one for each shoe
  2. Fold down the heel of the shoe and draw a pencil line along the inside crease on both sides.
  3. Fold the heel inside out and tack the ribbon to the centre seam so that the ribbon sits flush with the pencil lines.
  4. Using the lines as a guide sew the ribbon in place, along both sides – take care not to sew past the drawstring tape, or through to the outside of the shoe.
  5. Heat seal the ends of the ribbons to avoid fraying.

This way of sewing your pointe shoe ribbons gives more support to the foot when en pointe and also reduces the chance of the ribbon coming loose as it is much more secure. For a full demonstration please see this YouTube video

Protecting the Platforms:

To avoid fraying and slipping it is advisable to protect the platform of the shoes and to give grip whilst dancing. This can be done with suede tips, ready shaped to be glued to the shoe using Copydex. These are glued onto the platform and trimmed to fit to the sole. Or more time consuming but act of enjoyment (if you enjoy sewing!) the shoes can be darned using flesh pink embroidery thread and an abundance of chain stitch.

Care of your Pointe Shoes

How long your shoes will last is partly within your control.  Your pointe shoes are skillfully made and the box is manufactured from natural materials, which do not respond well to moisture. It is therefore imperative that after EVERY wear all protection is removed from the shoes and the shoes are allowed to air naturally at room temperature. This will allow the shoes to try out dry out ready for the next class.

When will I need a new pair?

There is no fixed answer to this question.

Pointe shoes are fitted exactly to the feet – as they must be to provide the required support. Therefore there is no room for growth. Inevitably, younger dancers will find their feet out grow their shoes more quickly. We recommend that every dancer has their pointe shoes checked at least every six months – this check is vital to ensure that even if the feet have not grown the shoes still have enough strength to support the dancer and remain the most suitable shoe.